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Throughout the world golf is considered to be a game available for people of all ages, sexes and incomes. A long time ago it turned from pleasure for the elite into a popular kind sport. Nevertheless nowadays there is special aristocratic caste among modern golfers. It includes owners of the Club Membership. Being a Member means to be familiar with the world financial and cultural elite. A special position, particular benefits, a feature of an exclusive society – these are only a few reasons stimulating representatives of the world business, cultural and sport elite to become members of this or that golf club. In 2009 Season “Don” Golf & Country Club proudly launched Club Membership.

5 major reasons to become a Club Member


Purchasing Club membership you wisely and profitably invest your funds. Given the constant capitalization of golf industry and the prospects of Golf & Country Club «Don’s» development, we can say with confidence that your investments are protected and systematically increasing.

You will get not just a thing of class luxury - you will create a capital which can be inherited, sold or presented.


Being a Club Member you find a lifestyle for your family, rich in health, joy of communication, wish to self progress, to learn the world.

You own the real family value, which can be inherited from generation to generation. The value which like a family title brings you and your descendants to the elite community, to the world of the royal sport.


You as a Club member are friendly treated in other golf clubs all over the world.

The whole collection of golf resorts under Troon Golf management is at your disposal.

In each of more than 200 golf clubs of this company, located in the most beautiful corners of the world, you will be offered the special rates and the unique discount programs.

You use absolute freedom and can choose where you will spend your next golf holiday

At your club you can play every day from morning till night without any Green Fee and with unlimited range of services.

You have a right to invite guests when you like, and they will be offered the special programs.


Becoming a Club Member you obtain incomparable pleasure to play golf whenever, wherever and as much as you want.

You feel the joy of the active leisure, taste of new triumphs and pride for your personal achievements.

You enjoy high end service and benefits accessible to just a privileged few.


Purchasing Club Membership you choose the affiliation to an exclusive community of golfers, which includes all the outstanding stars, political, cultural and business elite.

You become the owner of the recognized attribute of success and a high status in the society.

You get access to obtaining of new friends and business partners, to socializing with interesting people in a relaxed atmosphere.

You have the opportunity to feel equal among equals

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