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Golf Academy

Welcome to the Don Golf and Country club Academy. It is the first of its kind in southern Russia.

Golf is now a global sport, foremost in many countries due to its traditions of fair play, respect for fellow players and the considerable challenge the game itself presents to every player.

Once familiar with the game you will come to realize it involves a form of relaxation you may not have experienced before. It also presents testing challenges both mentally and physically which appeal to all those who play golf.

The game attracts people of all ages from different backgrounds and even different physical capabilities making it one of the few sports which you can literally play a lifetime.

Golf is no different from any other sport in that to play the game you first need to get started. Below we offer some advice from our Head Professional on exactly how to do this.

So what are you waiting for …. Get started and come to join us!

How to get started?

Simply follow these steps:

  • Contact reception
  • Rent some practice range balls
  • Reception will contact our range attendants
  • A range attendant will provide you with a club
  • He will also escort you to a practice bay where you can hit your golf balls
  • As you begin he will offer some advice to help your golf swing to begin
  • Enjoy the challenge of hitting the golf ball

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q:  Ok, I have done this, how do I improve?
A:  To improve From This point, it is important to book a golf lesson with our PGA Golf Professional. He will provide the correct advice you will need to see your golfing skill steadily progress.

Q:  How many lessons do I need?
A:  This depends on you. After each lesson practice is needed to allow you to become comfortable with what you have been taught. Generally 1 lesson a month can be enough to see a steady improvement in your game providing you practice what you have been taught.

Q:  How often should I practice to see improvement?
A:   Twice a week for 1 hour a time is usually enough to see your game progress nicely. Of course the more time you put in the more rewarding your results will be. The prices on our driving range are also designed to reward the more frequent user.

Q:  I want to buy some golf clubs, what will be right for me?
A:  At this time it is vital to speak to our Professional as he will provide you with expert information about which clubs you should be using.

Q:  When am I ready to play on the golf course?
A:   This can be down to your own confidence as much as ability. From the driving range the next step is to play our 3 hole academy course which will provide a Challenging test to begin with. This gives you a good base to work towards developing enough skill to achieve the Don Golf pass.

Q:  What is the golf pass?
A:  The golf pass is simply a test of your golfing skills and etiquette which needs to be attained in order for you to play on our 9 hole course. Passing the golf skills section of the test shows you are ready to take on the golf challenge. Passing the etiquette section shows you can play safely and respectfully making the game enjoyable for all.

Q:  How can I learn about the golf rules and etiquette?
A:  This can be from many sources. Ask reception for a free copy of ‘Golf rules and etiquette to get you started’. This will give you some valuable knowledge to take to the course. Besides the rule book itself simply talking to fellow golfers who have played longer than you can be valuable as their extra experience can help guide you. Of course our Head Golf Professional is only too happy to provide any answers you feel you need as well.

Q:   It seems like there is a lot to learn when beginning golf?
A:  Just like chess, golf is very much a game of time, patience and experience. There are no golfers who learn everything in a matter of weeks or months. Even top players are still learning and improving their golf game. Your goal when beginning is to work at your own pace and to enjoy the game and feel comfortable in the environment.

Everything else gradually develops as you continue.

Good luck and happy golfing!

Golf Academy

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