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Golf Rules and Etiquette

  • It is strictly prohibited to walk or stay in front of the driving range bays. Please enter the driving range bays only by means of the doors.
  • You should not disturb other players by moving, talking or making unnecessary noise. Usage of mobile phones isn’t recommended.
  • You should always stand on the right from the shot and never behind a player.
  • You should never stand in front of a player or turn back irrespective of a player’s level.
  • You should not step or stand on another player’s line of putt. Besides step aside from the hole not to cast a shadow over the hole or the line of putt.
  • If there is even a little probability of your ball threatening the health of other players or if you send your ball above trees to a further fairway, you should shout: “Fore”. If you hear that someone else screams out “Fore”, do not turn round to find out whether it is to you or not, just bend down and cover your head with your hands.
  • Playing during thunderstorm is not recommended. You should stop your game and find a shelter or go towards the clubhouse.
  • Pay attention to the fact that the game is strictly regulated by the time, that is why you should observe the Rules and Etiquette of Golf in order to provide normal pace of play as well as players’ safety.
  • You should always be in time on Tee 1 and never make practice swings on the tee areas damaging the surface.
  • On the tee area you should stand on its right part to look at other players. It is important for safety reasons.
  • You should always wait for the players in front of you to be out-of-reach position. Making approaching shots to the green you should wait until all players leave it and move far from it.
  • You should always be aware of the game of golfers playing behind. You should invite them to play through if you delay the group behind. Remember that you can not make a shot until other players are out of range. You should be ready to stand aside and wave to the other golfers meaning they can keep on playing.
  • If you have lost your ball, you need to wave your hand.
  • If you have found your ball, you should not try to return and play in front of the golfers following you. According to the etiquette you should invite them to play through.
  • If you think you have lost your ball, you should use the rule about a provisional ball. It will save your time for a probable return to the tee area.
  • According to the Rules you have 5 minutes to search for your ball.
  • If you think your ball has been lost, after you come to the place of its possible destination look at your watch and be ready to invite the group behind to play through, as searching for your ball should not take more than 5 minutes.
  • You should not delay play. When you are on the tee area you should not fill in your score card with the results of your previous hole if you are the first golfer to tee off. You should leave the tee area as soon as possible, but do not hurry while making a stroke. At this moment other players should prepare their drivers and be ready; golfers can fill in their cards while moving to the next fairway. You should not fill in your score card on the green or even near the green after completing the hole.
  • You should enter the bunker from the side of the green. You should rake the bunker well to flat footsteps. If there is no rake, use a club head.
  • You should leave your clubs in such a position as will enable quick movement off the green and towards the next tee.
  • You should replace divots and repair ball-marks after pitches.
  • Marking your ball on the green use a small coin or a marker and place it behind the ball before lifting it. You should place the ball precisely to the place where it was taken from and then pick up your marker. If for some reason you have to ask another player to shift his marker you should remind him to return his marker to its previous place.
  • You should not stand or step on another player’s line of putt. Approaching the flag, you should have a look whether it can be easily taken out of the hole. Besides you should step aside from the hole not to cast a shadow over it. You should hold the flag so that it can not wave in the breeze. And finally as soon as a player makes a stroke with his putter you should immediately take out the flag.
  • If you are losing the match, you should announce the score after completing each hole. If you are winning, but your competitor has not announced the score, you should announce the score yourself.

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